Simple Ways to Stay Stress Free during Finals Season

Do these last few weeks of the semester have you stressing out? Multiple projects to finish? Countless exams to study for? It’s easy to fall into complete stress mode, but we are here to help you avoid that. Here are some simple ways to minimize stress:

1. Stay organized – Take some time to make a final check-off list. Cross projects or study times off as you go. It will be so motivating to watch your list shrink.

2. Eat & sleep well – This one sounds impossible, right? You barely have time to eat and sleep with such a long to-do list. But, trust us – you will be so much more productive if you eat a healthy diet and get enough quality sleep. 

3. Get active – Hit the gym for a quick workout session. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress. Spending too much time at the gym could put you behind on school work, but take an hour or so to work on your health and eliminate all of those worries you have.

4. Work with a friend – One huge downer about studying for finals is feeling lonely and secluded. If you can stay productive while working around a friend, it could be a great way to increase your mood. Not only will you feel less lonely, but you can help each other stay on track.

5. Utilize our services! – The Eagle Wellness Center has so many great services to offer that help members combat stress. Both the massage and relaxation centers can serve as a great getaway from the library. Don’t forget about our professionals who are well-versed in stress management and are willing to help you find a solution for your stress. 

Finals season can be highly stressful, but hopefully these simple tips can help you keep your stress level at a minimum. You’ve made it this far and the end is in sight. You can do it! 


Ingredient Alternatives for the Holidays – A healthier meal for you and your guests

Before you rush out to buy ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal, here are some alternatives you can use to create a healthier meal for you and your guests! During the holidays we are exposed to annual treats and goodies from our family and friends. We still want to be able to enjoy these, but not forget about our physical well-being. Eagle Wellness is here to remind you of ways to have a healthier Thanksgiving by simply using healthier alternatives. Click on this link and view a list of dishes commonly served during the Thanksgiving holiday and ways you can lower the calories – Healthy Holiday Ingredient Swaps (

Also, here’s a healthy tip about pumpkins and apples for the holidays:

Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

It’s just about a week until Thanksgiving folks!

Eagle Wellness is here to remind you that it is now or never for pre-turkey day workouts!

Below are two photos.  The first photo is of the workout that you should do everyday leading up to Thanksgiving.  It is important to exercise more than you normally would leading up to the Holidays because realistically you will be skipping some workouts while with family and friends.  This workout can also be done on top of your normal workout routine for extra calorie burn!
The second photo is Thanksgiving dishes broken down from best to worst with portions, calories, fat and sodium listed under each food item.  An important thing to remember about this is that if you take more than portion size you will have to accommodate your serving size accordingly.

Here are some quick tips to live by during this Holiday season:

1. Exercise to burn off extra calories before indulging in your favorite Thanksgiving foods.  Basically, don’t procrastinate your workout!  You know what’s coming, prepare for it!

2. Eat breakfast.  You may think it’s smart to save up calories for the big meal, but in reality you are not getting your metabolism going and losing control over your appetite.  A small breakfast will keep your body in it’s natural routine.

3. Eat slowly.  Put your fork down between each bite and tasting each mouthful is one of the easiest ways to feel full and satisfied with one plate of food.

4. Go easy on alcohol.  Alcohol has calories that we often forget!

5. Be realistic.  The Holidays are a time to celebrate with your family and friends.  With busy schedules and extra temptation, it is a good time to strive for weight maintenance rather then weight loss.

Don’t forget that Thanksgiving is to be spent with family and friends.  Enjoy your time with them and don’t let calories stress out your Thanksgiving festivities! Remember to go hard with your workouts this last week and you will have no reason to feel guilty for eating that extra piece of pumpkin pie!

Catching more Zzz’s is the Key

Its been said, time and time again, that getting enough sleep is just as important for good health as exercise and nutrition are. Here at Eagle Wellness, we can’t stress enough how important a good nights sleep is for both your body and mind. The Dali Lama himself has been quoted saying, “Sleep is the best form of meditation”.

Many people ask “Why do we sleep?” The answer is simple, most experts believe sleep is a time when we “recharge ” the mind and body. A typical human spends a third of their life asleep. The nature and quality of this time can have a dramatic impact on our waking hours. Individuals typically need 8 hours of sleep a day.

Just one week of insufficient sleep can alter the activity of our genes responding to stress, immunity, inflammation, and overall health. Aside from disruption of your internal clock, sleep deprivation can result in higher levels of anxiety and depression, increased risk of diseases such as Cancer, Stroke, Heart disease or Diabetes, impaired cognition, and unhealthy cravings to name a few.

If you or a loved one has trouble with sleep you may want to research your symptoms; you could be suffering from Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleep Deprivation, or Narcolepsy. Most of these common chronic sleeping problems can be cured through medical attention.

Here are 10 Tips for Better Sleep:

  1. Maintain a consistent daily schedule.
  2. Turn off the computer or TV. Have a wind down period before you go to bed. Try reading a book before drifting to sleep.
  3. Avoid taking long daytime naps. The ideal power nap should be 20 minutes.
  4. Engage in regular exercise.
  5. Limit beverage consumption before bed.
  6. Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and eating before sleep.
  7. Keep your bedroom dark, quiet and at a comfortable temperature.
  8. Invest in comfortable bedding, pillows, and most importantly, a bed.
  9. Keep a regular sleep schedule. Create a routine and aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time.
  10. Take a hot shower to help relax your body.

 Keep Calm and Love Sleep


Simple Ways to Fall Into Fitness

Simple Ways to Fall into Wellness

Here at Eagle Wellness, fall is our favorite season. The heat and humidity of summer have passed, leaving you room to breathe. So much possibility lingers in the air.  Some people see fall as an ending, leaves falling off of the trees, sunlight fading earlier and earlier. But for us it is just the beginning of many seasonal activities that support a healthy and active lifestyle. Fall into wellness today by following some of our simple suggestions below.  

Fall Fitness is the Best 

Crisp, cool and refreshing, the autumn air is just one of many reasons why this season is great for physical activity. Take advantage of the cool weather before the Wisconsin snow and bitter cold keep you stuffed up in the gym. Below are some suggestions to get you outside and moving!

Hiking What is better than taking a stroll while admiring the changing leaves, fiery red and golden yellow? Not much! The La Crosse area is full of great places to hike, such as the bluffs, parks and surrounding forests. Experiment with walking, jogging, and running to discover your ideal cardio workout. Keep it interesting and find a new place to explore on each of your hikes.

Raking Leaves Sure, this one may sound boring and too much like “work”, however, this moderate physical activity can be a great calorie burner. Not to mention, your yard will get cleaned up at the same. Get a group of friends together to join in the activity and take turns raking each other’s lawns. Be careful, though. Make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands, and move properly to protect your back. Want to give this physical activity a boost? Bring out your inner child by jumping in the leaves. You know you want to. It might create a little extra opportunity to work off those calories.

Walking/Running Event It seems as if fall is a popular season for local walk/run events, especially in the La Crosse Area. Some fun themed run/walks coming up are the Color DASH, the Great Pumpkin Chase and the UW-L Run with the Chancellor in memory of Neala Frye. Give to a cause while pushing yourself towards a new goal. Don’t let the idea of a 3k, 5k or even 10k scare you. Whether you are an experienced runner or just prefer walking, you can gain a lot by completing an event like this.

Remember – it’s not all about physical fitness!

Like we always say, mental and spiritual health is just as important as physical health. Luckily, fall provides us with some of the year’s best activities. Below are some examples of these, and some that you may not expect!

Fall Cleaning We know how the saying goes, but it has been months since your last “spring cleaning” overhaul.  You just had a long, carefree summer, during which some of the household chores were probably overlooked. Throw open those windows and let that crisp autumn air welcome itself into your home. Freshen up before winter rolls around. Getting, and staying, organized might help prevent those winter blues from settling in.

 Classic Fall Activities Think back to autumn as a child, apple picking, pumpkin carving, baking with mom. Take time to enjoy little things like these and keep those traditions alive. These activities provide a great reason to get the family, friends and loved ones all together. It’s easy to de-stress and have a good laugh while doing all of the classic fall activities.

Take a deep breath! Spring may be the season of renewal and growth, but fall is a time of change. Just as the leaves transform their color, you too can transform your mind and body. Clearing your mind, taking time to breath, and just enjoying the fact that you are alive to enjoy this world are all important steps to complete wellness.

 Comment below to share your most enjoyed autumn activities.